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Pipe Down (SDPD)

A sassy song you can vibe and chill to...

Pipe Down (SDPD) Lyrics



Verse 1

Sit down, pipe down

If only you could shut your mouth

Time out

Oh my goodness

Don't do this again

You're so clueless

So selfish, so vain

Caught up, boxed up

In the four walls of your brain

I've got some news that you might wanna use

Don't take this as abuse



Sit down, pipe down

Verse 2

Sit down, pipe down

Baby you're a broken record

A ticking time-bomb

Goodness gracious

Please spare us the pain

Conversation's a one person thing

We know, you know

That you love the sound of your voice

I'm so confused by the methods you use

To make us blow a fuse



Sit down, pipe down


Man boy

Are you never

Ever ever

Gonna grow up?

You're no Peter Pan

You your own damn fan

King of Wilson Land


Sit down, pipe down


You better sit down, sit down

If you don't pipe down, right now

I'm gonna, I'm gonna

You don't wanna know

Ey, you don't wanna know

OK I'm done.

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