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Hello and welcome! I'm very excited to kick things off with this killer outfit. This post has been entitled 'Serendipity' - defined as a fortunate happenstance, a pleasant surprise, and my personal favourite: a happy accident - simply because the components to this outfit came together effortlessly. To give you further insight into why this outfit is a fortunate occurrence, it's largely due to an unplanned trip to Aldo Shoes. My focus on whatever errand was on my check-list that day was severed by the big, bold and very red "SALE" sign stuck to the glass windows. It was one of those comical moments when I walked past the shop and did an ungraceful double-take back to the point where my brain could fully register what was on offer. Still, outside the store, I became beguiled by the assortment of boots methodically presented with price cuts sure to rope in defenceless bargain lovers like me. Naturally, I entered - feeling more and more at the mercy of the helpful shop assistant.

According to Confessions of a Shopaholic, we must ask ourselves, "do I need this?" As I analysed these leather boots that I knew portrayed edgy sophistication, I was satisfied enough with the knowledge that I had been searching for the perfect over-the-knee boots for some time. I was so glad to have discovered these leather beasts shown to you below, that the euphoria of having found such a bargain in the shop meant I would continue to try my luck there - obvs. Not long after, I saw the cutest top-handle bag, made even cuter by its tassels and a definitive gold buckle. Upon closer assessment, I realised that it was in a dark blue shade that I didn't think would be versatile enough when trying to pair it with the fiercer contents of my wardrobe. But looking further to the left, however, I realised that Aldo was kind enough to make the bag in black too. Hooray!

I was smart enough to exit the shop at this point.

Thanks to the previous purchases I made at H&M (the 'natural white' body suit & the black leather skirt), the fortunate purchases I made at Aldo were the perfect finishing touches. Touches that elevated the outfit's standard in my opinion: the black leather boots, the leather bag, the golden metallic jewellery (choker & rings from Topshop) all worked to revamp the classic black and gold look. It is edgier and more eye catching. The result is - the wearer is relevant because they are memorable.

Thanks for reading!


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