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Hello and welcome! I'm happy to present my customary shimmer look. Its always handy and time-efficient to have a go-to look suitable for a myriad of occasions, right? Well, I believe golden shimmers paired with nude colours will never let you down!

This post will primarily focus on highlighters and other products that aid in the creation of one of my favourite golden looks: the brands that produce the golden effects that I love; specific colours that I know work well together; the high quality brushes I use to get the well-blended finish all girls shouldn't take for granted; lastly, where to purchase these items!

Starting this with the eyeshadows, I use the Max Factor 'Smokey Eye Kit' for my eye lids - the gold eye shadow (which you can see is nearly used up). Above my eyelids (as well as the crease), I use In The Nude - the eye colour palette by W7. If you want specifics, for this look I chose the 6th colour in from the left. However, all the darker browns work well with Max Factor's gold eyeshadow and all the colours in the W7 palette have that lovable shimmer that guarantees effortless radiance. For the brow bone, I happily discovered that the No7 'Skin Illuminator' is a great highlighter that boosts eyebrow definition - thus guaranteeing that your eyebrows are in fact, on fleek!

Another key part of getting that golden glow we all love is by highlighting and accentuating the cheekbones, as well adding a shimmering boost to your chosen blusher colour(s). My favourite highlighter palette is by Sleek ('Cleopatra's Kiss') which is wonderfully multifunctional, serving all highlighting purposes. I usually merge the 'Sphinx' and 'Delta' colours together (the top two shades in the palette). Both shades work harmoniously with the help of the superb 'Tapered Blush' highlighting brush by Real Techniques. I also use 'Sphinx' on my tear ducts and inner lower lash lines to add the finishing touch to my eye makeup - a nice contrast to the black eyeliner and mascara. Another finishing touch is using 'Delta' to highlight my nose bridge and tip.

After applying lip balm, a nude brown Barry M lip liner (called Russet) glides on whilst lining and filling in the lips. Finally, I use an Estee Lauder 'Pure Colour Envy' lipstick (intense nude) to add a lightly glossed and creamy finish to the lip colour! Check out the gallery below to see all featured products and their names in the order just described.

*All the Mary Kay brushes can be found easily on Ebay*

*There's a mini tutorial on shimmers on my Instagram page too*

Thanks for reading!


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