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Kylie Cosmetics - A "Boo!/Woo!" Review

I've been watching from the side lines as Kylie Jenner began her Kylie Cosmetics franchise with the Kylie Lip Kits that pretty much broke the internet - and with every product selling out ridiculously quickly, it broke many hearts as well. It was one thing to try and snap up your products from someone else's clutches when you were in the states, but those who had to pay international postage fees were tortured with being more disadvantaged than American makeup lovers. While others were frustrated with trying and failing, I decided it was best to refrain from unnecessarily exerting myself. I also thought it was best to listen to what the buyers had to say about this product. Was it worth the hassle? Was it worth the wait? Was it worth the price?

For some time, I must admit, I wasn't convinced. I'm the kind of girl that always has to have her lips moisturised, and I hate that some lip colours can even potentially cause cracks in my pucker, causing me to gloss/balm them continuously - over time resulting in a colour that wasn't what I started out with and loved. And even if you continuously re-apply the favoured colour, it becomes thick, heavy and generally unappealing to look at. This usually happens with certain matte lipsticks and glosses with the selling point of lip-colour longevity...

My scepticism caused me to wait some more: though it looked great on many girls - especially on those that mixed different lip colours together - I knew I would have been very disappointed if things didn't work out as well for me!

Eventually, though the Kyshadows were launched. Instantly, the Burgundy Palette caught my eye. I knew this was it. I was sure I wanted it because it had all the kinds of colours that entice me in an eyeshadow palette: Colours that shimmer, colours that stand out, colours that blend well - especially on someone of colour. When the time came to go through with the order, I happily came across certain Mini Kits that were catered to the (then) upcoming Valentines Day celebrations. It included an eyeshadow palette with two eyeshadows and a smaller version of the lip kits. This was the perfect trial starting kit for me; it made me brave enough to try out Kylie's lip products for myself. Since I was already purchasing something I knew I wanted, it made sense to add the Sweet Heart bundle to my shopping cart.

My order took over a month to arrive, but I finally got the package (only, however, when I paid an additional postage fee at the post office that was pricier than I imagined). I am happy to say that I haven't once been disappointed with the eye palette. It was, in fact, worth the wait, and I absolutely love that it is something I can (and do) use for everyday looks as well as evening looks. As for the lip products - firstly, it smells amazing! Like strawberries! It includes the "Dolce K" lipstick and the "Literally" gloss that are literally the most nude colours I own. The lipstick and gloss are a great pairing, leaving my lips moisturised for a good period of time - and even the gloss wears off, the colour is still evident and the consistency of the lip products are light enough to make sure you can reapply with confidence.

Despite the wait that felt like forever, and the bad eye puns (shown on the right) that come with every order, I can only score Kylie a "Woo!" Her high-quality eyeshadow colours and the way they work effortlessly well together can make any makeup novice look good; the lip colours in their cute size and the lovely strawberry-smelling surprise make unbelievers like me sure about the hard work that goes into the making of these products.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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