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This summer, like most summers, tends to be crammed full of (mental?) to-do lists. When we’re not busy catching trains and barely making it in time for work, we're busy scheduling times to catch up with friends; and too busy to keep to those schedules. Then there are the holidays and important events that have been in your phone calendar for months; you knew you were always going to invest in a new outfit, but somehow the date looms and you are either unsatisfied with the ensemble(s) or haven’t even started hunting down your dream items. Time is running out. Who do you call? I recommend Asos!

Apart from being able to lazy-shop whilst sitting at home in comfort - Netflix on TV, snacks on your right, and your phone buzzing or not buzzing on your left – online shopping is handy when you simply can't commit hours into walking from shop to shop looking for that perfect item: hello adult life and full time work. Over the years, I've also discovered that instead of having about ten tabs open on your laptop as you scour the internet for the counterparts of the desired outfit, Asos has multiple brands and online shops on a single web-destination. And if you're a Premier Asoser, the fact that your items can arrive the next day makes the website shine brighter with an appeal that is hard to shake. The nay-sayers that get intimidated by the thousands of shoes, dresses, tops, e.t.c – please let’s not forget that you can refine the results! Us girls tend to be imaginative people. We tend to envision a particular colour, a particular style, a particular concept about what will be aesthetically pleasing on us. Therefore, using the refine tool will give you a much-appreciated shortcut in your journey to the next show-stopping, traffic-causing, killer outfit.

I can vouch for Asos and its ability to make a shopper and bargain hunter’s life easier – much easier than being sandwiched between multiple (possibly sweaty) working people during rush hour, with the kids they have just picked up from school doing a boisterous rendition of the latest pop song.

I had finished my final year of university. Our graduation date had been set – it was released months in advance. I had made it an event in my phone weeks in advance. I thought this meant I was organised. As you may have predicted, I started looking for the special dress I would wear beneath my graduation robe exactly 7 days before the celebration date. Somehow, unsurprisingly, work had gotten in the way; it kept getting in the way until I was finally done making excuses. Aided by mum one evening, we chose a dress that looked regal on the model. I hoped the dress would have the same effect on me. The dress arrived. With child-like impatience and excitement, I attacked the packaging and slipped into the dress heavily clad with layers of material. I was underwhelmed when I stood in front of the mirror. The dress made me like the pouty princess instead of the gracious queen. My brother pointed out that with the graduation robe on top of the puffy prom dress, people may mistake me for the heavy Mrs. Blobby (at least that's what I heard). The dress was blue; my graduation robe and hat were blue. Hello Mrs. Blobby McSmurf? I don't think so! Thanks to Asos's easy return methods, the dress was promptly returned the same day.

I was apprehensive: I knew I had to have a dress that would make me proud to be up on stage – an outfit so dazzling, so well put-together that people wouldn’t notice me tripping on the way to my certificate and congratulatory handshake (a girl can dream). The same day – because I didn’t want to risk waiting any longer – I found and bagged a sassy, figure-hugging red dress that I knew was destined to be mine. I had finally done it. But had I? Soon I realised that I needed shoes, I needed jewellery, I needed a bag. Within the space of one weekend, I found every single accessory I wanted to wear with the dress. All of them also under the Asos brand name – a factor that reiterates that Asos can stand out and hold its own amongst the throng of designer/non-designer brands they harbour on their site. They all arrived in time for the special day. They were all good quality, and I revelled in the fact that they were all reasonably priced. I tried on the dress. I was extremely glad I had found it. I was extremely glad no one else was wearing the same dress as me at graduation!

What more is there to say? I’ll bow out with a questionable pun: Where there’s an Asos there’s a way? No? How about, Asos – a place to get rewarded for being a lazy, bargain-hunting, fashion-loving procrastinator!

Thanks for reading!

Scroll through my graduation look-book below,


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