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TOZI Time!

TOZI is a Venetian restaurant that beautifully reinforces the sharing is caring idiom!

I came up with “TOZI Time” because it is not just the perfect place to gather with your friends and go on a date, it is also the appropriate time and place for sharing. If you’re the kind of person who likes to find an excuse to feed your Date contents from your plate; if you’re the kind of person who likes to stick their fork into something that looks tasty from a neighbour's plate; if you’re the kind of person that is neither too slow nor too shy to steal the last of a delicious entree – this the restaurant for you.

Tozi is on Gillingham Street (close to Victoria Station). It has a lovely modern interior that is heavily reliant on wooden accentuations. I also loved that a black-and-white movie was being projected on the wall behind the bar! It is a very trendy place with a warmth that resonates right from entry because of its communal emphasis: I entered the busy restaurant and saw groups of people around a single table; there were also the couples who were engrossed in each other and oblivious to their surroundings. At every corner of the restaurant, the fact that people were enjoying themselves was evident: glasses clinking, crockery being put to work on each plate, heads thrown back in laughter.

The waiter insists that you start with at least two dishes each, and work up to more dishes whenever you feel like it. The food portions resemble entrees - probably to ensure that you order more than you thought you would and can fully immerse yourself in their sharing style. With prices being quite reasonable, and the welcoming atmosphere that invites both energetic friends and introvert couples - it is a place that is catered to everyone.

Things to consider:

> The hard-wooden surfaces that the restaurant is designed with cause sound to bounce around the space. This makes it necessary for diners to speak up to be heard – especially on busy evenings with work-friends celebrating the weekend!

> The multiple dishes the restaurant offers is great, but if you get carried away, reasonably priced dishes can quickly accumulate into a hearty sum and a hefty bill at the end of the night (let’s not forget that you’re likely to order a few drinks too)!

> There are lots of dishes to choose from. That can be great. But if you’re unfamiliar with what is on offer, you’ll need to do some major guess work when choosing meals. This can either be a fun game of chance or a fatal game of Russian Roulette: who wants to pay for something they don’t enjoy?

> Tozi is often rated highly, and I can understand why. But I believe it is a restaurant favoured through acquired taste, in regards to knowing the best dishes to pick from the broad menu.


Because there were a few misses for me with what I chose, I have rated this restaurant 3 stars. However, it is definitely a place worthy of a visit in London! Go check it out yourself and tell me what you think!

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