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Nothing Blue About The Blues Kitchen

Order up! Great food mixed with blues and a dash of soul? Yes, please!

The Blues Kitchen in Brixton (there’s also one in Camden) is a bar and restaurant that serves Cajun influenced barbecue food. The tiled brick walls, the red booths and the dark room that is lit by candles and strategically placed lights, all work simultaneously to infuse a cosy warmth to the venue. This is a great place to kick-back enjoying good food and drinks; a place where there’s less pressure to make a fuss in front of the mirror when dining out; a place where budget diners – like students and young couples – can enjoy inexpensive meals. The menu is refreshingly straightforward and easy to peruse through – who isn’t familiar with burgers and chips, after all? But don’t mistake this place for the casual stop at Maccy-D’s, there are more appealing combinations of flavour on offer!

Come one, come all – this venue doesn’t shy away from large, nor loud, groups. Thankfully, the bar is long enough to contain crowds of people waiting to order on busy evenings. The bar has also been certified as a place where great cocktails are made. There’s, therefore, less reason for each friend to shy away from that obligatory round of drinks!

The music that is played live for most of the night adds a special touch to the restaurant. It turns a mediocre evening into a feel-good night out that is further accentuated by photogenic food – moments worth relaying to your friends on Snapchat or chronicling on your Instagram page. The catchy tunes also make the wait for your food a little less tedious.

Things to consider:

> If you’re a vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian this is not the place for you.

> The live music has a downside. When you’re at the bar and/or close to the musical action, you’ll find yourself constantly shouting to be heard; you’ll find yourself constantly straining to hear and appreciate (or disapprove of) your date’s witty banter.

> This really isn’t the place to go if you’re trying to eat clean. And even if you triumphantly stick to salads, they will be an unwanted stirring of food-envy as your non-body-conscious friend tucks into some major calories.

> If you've dedicated yourself to drinks and friends on a busy night, be prepared to spend a good forty percent of your time waiting at the bar – or waiting for your friend to return from the bar. The solution is to bring your posse along with you and keep the party going whilst you wait. However, you'll need to put those elbows to work when creating some space and parting that sea of people!


The Blues Kitchen is a hidden gem that people should be more aware and more appreciative of. I have rated it 4 stars because it offers something that you don’t see very often: atmosphere, throw-back music, and throughly enjoyable food – all at a very decent price. Go see for yourself!

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