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Views At The Roof Gardens

Kensington Roof Gardens has plenty to offer those that want a break from the mundane, and would rather plunge into a world where the finer things are accessible and affordable – and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that?

There are three gardens not just decorated with gorgeous greenery, but pink flamingos too. You can explore the gardens free of charge – but only when it isn't being used for a private function; only when the scenic spaces aren’t closed off to us Londoners who often want something for nothing.

One of the major perks of The Babylon restaurant (and bar) is that you’re usually allowed (you may need to ask a member of staff politely) to sit outside on the balcony and take in the views: the overlapping aesthetics of the gardens below; the architectural structures of the city we are usually oblivious of until we are high up enough to appreciate it. On some nights, live music is played in close proximity to the bar – but try not to sing along too loudly; even if you’re that person whose inhibitions steadily reduces with each glass of wine. Either way, take it all in and enjoy your evening either indoors, with their modern interior design; or out on the balcony, which is designed to make you feel as though you’re perched on Primrose Hill itself.

For those who can’t get enough of this haven of nature, glamour, and beauty, there are events held throughout the year for you to attend once tickets have been purchased. Those of you who are itching to put your green thumbs to good use, why not join their garden club and reap the benefits of discounts and exclusive events?

Finally, the club. It is yet another place in the establishment that maintains the theme of the exterior complimenting the interior: the décor is simply stunning. There are five different (VIP) lounge areas each decorated very differently; the major similarity is, they all look extraordinary. From the “The Spanish Hideaway” to the “Moo Room”, each design is jaw-dropping. Get ready to feel like you’ve been transported to another breath-taking location; get ready to feel exempt from the masses herding through hectic Zone-One-London. It’s the perfect place for the proudly lazy, yet wannabe party animals because The Kensington Roof Gardens offers all the crucial ingredients for a great night out in just one location. You can have dinner at the restaurant to ensure your stomach is appropriately lined with alcohol absorbents. Secondly, you can have a pre-drinks session at the bar that provides classic and modern cocktails - most being memorable because of their inappropriate and questionable titles. Finally, the designated areas clad with comfortable seats for you to perch on whilst (not) spilling your drinks and catching up with friends!

Without a doubt, The Roof Gardens is a great place to hold functions and celebrate special occasions. Having spent my twenty-second birthday at The Babylon restaurant, my friends and I were waited on and served by lovely, attentive staff. They really helped to make it a night to remember!

Other things to consider: > Upon making a reservation for the celebration at the restaurant, we arrived to discover that we had to choose from a set dinner menu of either two courses (£45) or three courses (£53). We weren't aware of this requirement, but it is stated on their website. However, we all felt that there wasn’t enough choice for us to make our combinations count – especially for the prices we were paying.

> To mark the occasion, my friends had to pay extra for what was essentially a tiny dessert. "Happy birthday" was written in lovely italics made of chocolate sauce. Next to it was a tiny treat that resembled a small cupcake – but only in size. It had a cream centre that was held together by a chocolate container. At the centre, a single candle. Unfortunately, it looked a lot better than it tasted.

> Membership for The Garden Club is £25, and you must also pay £10 for every event you attend. However, the subsequent charges only go towards a good cause (the Starlight charity).


I am rating Kensington Roof Gardens four stars because this establishment goes over and beyond as far as London destinations go. There's a lot to do and it's such a gorgeous place to enjoy yourself in. The only factor that let it down was the food and drinks - which we felt were overpriced for what it was. That being said, there's not that much to fault this place on, so I highly recommend that you go and see the sights!

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