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Feel Good Contacts are a contact lenses supplier based in London. They sell prescription (eye-measurements given by an optician) and cosmetic contacts (temporarily changes your natural eye colour). They pride themselves on being the leading contact lenses supplying company in the UK with very competitive prices - they even promise to match the price of competing suppliers! I have been their customer for about 3 years now. As long as I wear contact lenses, I don't plan on going anywhere else!

Feel Good Contacts have been very good to me over the years. They have not failed to provide me with fast, punctual delivery of my products. Also, when I wanted to switch from daily contact lenses to something durable for at least 2 weeks, the information they provided me - a person who values quality contacts but had no idea which brand to switch to - was thoroughly helpful. The sales adviser on the phone understood my preferences, her opinions were sincere, and the recommended product I chose was affordable.

So, the main reason why we're here: In addition to supplying contacts, the company have created their very own contact lenses and have made it available for purchase. I had the pleasure of trying out their new lenses, which has been branded with the clever and memorable name, Comfi Daily Disposable Lenses. The name targets a majority of contact lens wearers who are all looking for comfort - no one wants to feel like there is an intrusion in their eye - and the product itself is appealing because it promises comfort and affordability. A great combination for all that wear contacts.

These lenses are worn and are disposed of on a daily basis. Therefore, minimal effort is required. The hassle of maintaining the same pair of contacts with contact lenses solution every day is dismissed. As pointed out before, I switched to 2 week contacts a while back and became used to the nightly rituals of storing it. But this product reminded me of how quick and easy it is to be wearing daily lenses!

The Comfi contacts themselves have a green tint and are made of a hydrogel material that easily absorbs and maintains the moisture that the eye needs for pain-free application. Comfi has a 58% water content and has UV protection. Alternatively, the silicone hydrogel is a more favourable material for contacts because it allows a greater amount of oxygen to pass into the eye. However, Comfi have the appeal of being more affordable than silicone hydrogel lenses (which tend to be pricier - especially if they are daily lenses). For those conscious about oxygen levels, I also want to point out that this is less of an issue if you do not wear your lenses for more than 12 hours; If you do not sleep or nap with your contacts intact; Lastly, I recommend not wearing them every single day. There is nothing wrong with rocking glasses for a day or two!

I wore Comfi Daily Disposable lenses for a month. I found that the lenses were indeed comfortable. It felt like how I want all my contacts to feel: seamless and non-abrasive. My job is very computer-orientated, and after about 7 hours in front of a screen my eyes inevitably feel tired - especially with plastic attached to it. Therefore, Comfi lenses did its job - I got through long work hours being glued to a desktop and survived the fatigue I usually feel when wearing contacts. Then, I would leave and my eyes appreciated no longer being at work. My eyes became more awake for the rest of the evening.

I tend to remove lenses about 2 hours after I have returned from work. However, on some evenings after work I do like going to the cinema - going from a smaller screen to the big screen means wearing contacts for a longer period of time and bracing myself for some discomfort. However, I still managed to enjoy myself whilst wearing my Comfi lenses.

The days where I feel especially tired from deprived sleep, or an early start, I do not like wearing contact lenses at all until I get used to being awake. This is my rule for any brand of contacts - Comfi lenses included. I end up feeling unbearably tired if I attempt to add even light-weight visual aid to my already heavy eyes. But once my eyes have finally adjusted to being open and awake, I would swap my glasses for Comfi lenses; I continued with my day in total comfort.

Overall, I was happy with the Comfi Daily Disposable experience - what it promised is delivered! The lenses remain comfortable for long periods of time, the moisture levels are constant and they are easily replaced because each pair is disposed of daily. I recommend such an affordable brand because it also delivers in terms of quality.

Lastly, I highly recommend Feel Good Contacts as a company because of the competent and hard-working team I have had the

pleasure of speaking with over the years. Trust their high rating on Facebook, because I find that the company has workers whose customer service go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied. I also particularly love the fact that they don't bombard you with marketing emails that are irrelevant to your contact lenses interests. They have the best targeting strategy I've experienced with businesses.

Over the years I notice the perks they offer their customers. I am always glad to receive a package from them because I open it and find sweets laid amongst my purchase. I also remember taking part in a short telephone survey - a few days later I was glad to have received a post through my mail that contained a free Amazon voucher!

At Feel Good Contacts, they understand that the little things do count, and mixed with the brilliant service they provide, they capture customers that stick around for years! Try them out for yourself and don't forget to ask them about their Comfi lenses!

Thanks for reading,


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